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Dangles, Charms & Spinners

Clients are always looking for new ways to have unique nails and Naio’s Dangles and Charms are just another way to offer this.  
Naio has a great range of Nail Dangles and Charms which make a great fashion accessory to your client’s nails.
The Naio Dangles and Charms are made to the highest standard and are easy to attach to you clients nails. Using Naio’s Gold Drill, you drill a small hole in the top of the nail and then apply the chosen dangle and charm to finish the look.
Naio has numerous designs of charms from simple ovals to a beautiful butterfly; there is something for every clients taste.
Simply apply top coat to where the dangle attaches to the nail to make sure the Naio Dangle and Charm stays secure.

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