Our Guide On How To Apply Gel Polish

Gel Polish Manicure – How to correctly prepare and perform Gel Polish manicure at home.

Gel Polish Manicure is currently one of the most popular nail treatments. In recent years it is steadily gaining its popularity amongst people. This simple method guarantees that your manicure will remain in beautiful condition for an extended period of time. How great is that?! 😲 

Here is our guide on how to correctly prepare your nails and apply URBAN GRAFFITI Gel Polish to achieve amazing results with a salon quality at home!

 ➡ You will need:

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Natural Nails preparation STEP by STEP

    1. File and shape your natural nails in the desired shape with a soft nail file.
    2. Gently push back all cuticles from the nail plate.
    3. Remove any shine from the nail plate using our white block, making sure to go around all of the edges of the nail. This step is critical for a long-lasting manicure.
    4. Remove natural nail oils and any excess dust from the nail using a Lint-free Wipe and Gel Residue Wipe off Solution.
    5. Once all nails are clean and free of any debris, apply a layer of Naio Nails Prep Dehydrator to dehydrate.

Your Nails are now ready for Gel Polish Application!

Make sure to avoid touching your nails once they are ready for a gel polish application.

Gel Polish Application STEP by STEP

    1. Apply a thin layer of Urban Graffiti Basecoat evenly. Don’t forget to cap the free edge of the nail and cure for 30 seconds in an LED lamp or for 2 minutes in UV Lamp.
    2. Apply the first layer of your chosen Urban Graffiti Gel Polish thinly. To Avoid flooding cuticles leave a small gap between gel polish colour and cuticle area. Cap the free edge. Cure again, for 30 seconds in an LED lamp or for 2 minutes in UV Lamp.
    3. If needed apply a second layer of Urban Graffiti Gel Polish and cure it.
    4. Once all layers are cured, apply our Urban Graffiti Topcoat for a long-lasting shine. Cap the free edge and cure for 30 seconds in an LED lamp or for 2 minutes in UV Lamp.
    5. Urban Graffiti Topcoat leaves no sticky layer, saving you an extra step and time. Treat your nails with a little bit of Naio Nails Cuticle Oil to bring any moisture back to your nails.

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