Nails & Nail Art Video Tutorials

Gel vs Acrylic Nails

Gel and acrylics are both hugely popular options when it comes to artificial nails, but whether you prefer gel or acrylic nails ultimately comes down to personal preference. Both methods provide the means of creating beautiful nails with added length, strength and a gorgeous aesthetic, whether you’re looking for a natural look or something a bit extra!  Trying to decide between acrylic or gel nails for your next home manicure or trip to the salon? From their look and feel to their durability, there are few factors to take into... Read More

Disney Nail Art – Cute Hand Painted Dumbo Design

Hi Guys, So it’s time for a bit of nail art, hand painted Disney nail art to be precise. JJ loves it when I do designs that she can just sit and look at for hours. We had just watched the trailer for the new Dumbo movie which is coming out and I suggested that we do a cute little Dumbo design. Now, this is the animated Dumbo, I know the new film is live action but I prefer the animated version, it’s just such a cute little elephant. Now... Read More

How To Create Rainbow / Pride Nails

Pride season is well and truly here, with June boasting Pride month as well as a whole host of Pride events taking place during the rest of the summer. Pride is a celebration of love and support for the LGBTQ+ community, with the iconic rainbow flag flying high since the 70s as an instantly recognisable symbol of all things Pride.  Vibrant, colourful rainbow nails are a fabulous way of showcasing your Pride and spreading the love, no matter the occasion. Fans of our Youtube channel may have already spotted Kirsty’s... Read More